Phoenix Housing Market Reports By City and Zip Code Added

Posted by Artur Ciesielski on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 at 9:30am.

When purchasing Phoenix real estate it’s crucial to know something about the real estate market. Part of buying homes is doing some due diligence. This includes assessing the neighborhood and all of it as it relates to your lifestyle and job to make sure the property is a good fit.

Along with the due diligence items above you should also know how the Phoenix housing market is performing. Some of the basics that you should know are. Inventory or how many homes are active and how many are selling. The will tell you how quickly these are being absorbed. The normal balance in the Phoenix market is about 4 months, but it depends also on the specific segment. The higher priced the segment the more months or inventory are normal.

You also want to know what the sales price to list price ratio is. This will tell you the general market discount or what percentage of the asking price are people paying. Keep in mind that it may be over 100% if it is a hot market.
To that end we have once again expanded the Phoenix housing market data and reports that we provide. Some of these have been on a short hiatus while we redeveloped this website. They are back now.

housing market stats

 There are several data sheets available in addition to our continually added disseminated market reports. The data and graph sheets we added are live and always updated. They allow you to see active listings, sales per month, price per square foot for both sale and actives and foreclosure data including notices of trustee sales and completed trustee sales: these can be viewed by city and by zip code.

View the current housing reports and graphs.

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