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InnerB Studio


 "I have been fascinated by the power of the mind for over 20 years." Joanna says. "But one day few years ago, after series of adversities I had a truly spectacular insight, that made my life happier and more meaningful. As a result I knew I want to help others.

There are still too many people suffering in the privacy of their own thoughts, (guilt, anxiety, low self esteem, you name it) who think that it is okay: that it is normal: I say, no, it is not. Of course everybody will recognize on their own if it a is healthy self-reflection or it takes something away from them. I work with those who have decided to live full, balanced lives"

Joanna is certified by the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts, and since she was trained in the fascinating field of Mind Body Wellness, she sees the importance of looking at clients' problems from a broader perspective.